The Due Date Squad

The Due Date Squad is a full service Consulting and Concierge for expectant parents. Imagine having one resource available to help you design and build your dream nursery for your new arrival! The Due Date Squad will turn the vision for your baby’s nursery into an unforgettable experience that will beautify your home and provide your newborn with the comforts of a nursery you will be proud of.

Our mission is to help take care of all the details that surround having a child so that you can focus on one of the most important events in your life. Our services cover almost everything, including building the nursery, researching and shopping for furnishings, child proofing your home, painting and more, all in a friendly, environmentally safe and stress free manner. We even have food services that provide pre and postnatal food plans to help you though the end of your pregnancy or after birth to get you going again.

Our services are individually tailored to your specific needs and to work within your budget. The Due Date Squad’s Concierge services also makes a great shower gift, and we also provide renovations for moving your toddler into their new space to make room for your baby. Our dedicated team of professionals will provide you with everything you need.